The final video

The Concept

How does it feel when lack of energy becomes a life condition – when silence hides inner screams that no one hears and which cannot be expressed in words – when fear takes over the life and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel?

Depression is a debilitating mood disorder affecting 130 million people worldwide. Many people suffering from depression struggle in silence due to fear of judgement and rejection. Depression often appears along with anxiety, which makes condition even more disabling and severe.

The primary goal of this video is to bring attention to the topic of mental illness and evoke empathy towards people who undergo depression as well as to encourage affected individuals to break the silence and speak up!

Update: Special thanks to Art with Impact for increasing the reach of this project by featuring it on their website and recognizing it with an award.

Production process & scene breakdown

Low-fidelity storyboard

Final lookframes