Technology Impact Awards



BC Tech asked Republic Digital to create the branding and videos for Ifie 25th Anniversary of the Technology Impact Awards. As freelancer motion designers we had the pleasure and honour to team up will, Republic Digital to collaborate on the background wallpapers and logo animations for this momentous occasion. This year’s wallpaper animation was projected onto a 50′ panelled screen at the Convention Center in Downtown Vancouver, BC.

BC Tech was looking for 70% Oscars/awards and 30% Tech
Our solution was a flowy tech mesh grid with elegant floating bokeh.


CLIENT: BC Tech Association
STUDIO: Republic Digital – Cary Debenham & Bradley Damsgaard
DESIGN & STYLE FRAMES: Saida Saetgareeva
ANIMATION: Kelly Kurtz

TOOLS USED: Adobe After Effects & Stardust


The final wallpapers involved 4 different coloured backgrounds to match the yellow & grey colour plat. of 11. BC Tech brand colours. Our challenge was that Silver does not project well so blue was added into the colour palette as it is one of the best colours to project Each wallpaper was 2 minutes in length that looped seamlessly, 4710 x 1080.

The animation was masked using watchout during the live event l get 11 projection onto only the panels


2018 Tia’s
live-stream event




Final Result